Effective communication is at the heart of everything an organisation is and does. If you don’t get it right, the damage to your reputation or your profits can be considerable. Often they amount to the same thing.

Whether the emphasis is on external or internal communications, we can help you to clarify your communications strategy and align it to business objectives. Then we devise and deliver a coherent, timetabled marketing communications plan with clear objectives and a method for evaluation.

But why involve a consultant?

The process involves identifying objectives, audiences, key messages and the best ways of conveying them – but the temptation in a pressured commercial environment is for business to approach the problem from the wrong end: “I urgently need a flyer for an event.” We might ask: Do you really need a flyer? Or even, have events ever worked for you? You’d be surprised how often those questions are never asked internally.

We have experience across the public and private sector in guiding individual organisations and multi-million pound collaborative partnerships through this process.

You may discover that it’s not only a rewarding exercise but it can be fun too. If you’d like to find out, just get in touch.

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